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SleepLogic™ Angled Mattress Foundations

Elevations Angled Mattress Foundation


The new shape
of healthy

A foundation is a structural base that provides added support to your SleepLogic™ mattress.

The innovative, patent-pending design of Elevations by SleepLogic™ allows your entire body to lie from head to toe at a decline so gradual, you’ll barely notice it. Recent medical research shows that sleeping in this position can help alleviate symptoms associated with acid reflux, snoring and poor circulation.*

How it works

Elevations is designed to help relieve or reduce a number of symptoms that may disrupt your sleep and keep you from getting the quality rest you need.

*The Elevations foundation is not intended to be a medical device and these statements are not meant to substitute for the advice of a doctor. See your physician for any personal health concerns.

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